Composition Per liter

  • Vitamin E (acetate) 200 gm
  • Selenium (from Sodium Selenite 44%) 800 mg
  • Propylene Glycol Up to liter

Indicated in the following:

  • Encephalomalacia and crazy chick disease.
  • Exudative diathesis in young birds.
  • Muscular dystrophy seen more frequently in older and mature birds.
  • ln laying hens, egg production, hatchability, and feed conversion are adversely affected.
  • Protect tissues from oxidative damage associated with the free radicals generated during metabolic processes.
  • Maintain optimal health and meat quality.
  • Markedly improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) as a result of lowering feed intake of birds while maintaining the same weight gain.
  • Enhances the ability of the poultry immune system by prolonging the functional life of phagocytes and enhancing their proliferation.
  • Improves fertility and hatchability and egg production in term of quality and quantity.

:  1 ml / 5 liters of drinking water.

Package :  1 Liter

Storage  :  keep in cool place, away from direct light and heat .

Expiry     :  2 years from production date .

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