Composition Per liter

Echinacea Purpura Extract

85 ml

Yucca Schidigera Extract

50 ml


25 ml

Vitamin E

20 ml

Distilled Water

Up to liter



·         During course of Infectious disease

·         In combination with antibiotics.

·         During period of stress (Temp. extremes, transportation, overcrowdings,etc…)

·         Before and after vaccination.

·         Decrease the level of ammonia in the farm .

·         Protect the Resiratory system from the harmfull effect of ammonia .

·         Decrease the effect of ammonia odor in the

·         At the peak of production in layer farms.

·         For the first 3 days of chick’s life.

Dosage  : Poultry : 1 ml / liter of drinking water.
: 1 liter.
Storage  : keep in cool place, away from direct light and heat .
Expiry     : 2 years from production date .