Composition Per liter

Thymus vulgaris extract (Thyme oil 99%) 

22 ml

Mentha Piperta extract (Mint oil 99%)

30 ml

Eucalyptus globulus extract (Eucalyptus oil 99%) 

28 ml

Cinnamomum cassia presl extract (Cinnamon oil 99%)

5 ml

Propylene Glycol

Up to liter


Indicated in the following:

·         Increase the healthiness and integrity of respiratory airways.

·         Perfect respiratory stimulant, improving respiratory functions 

·         Ideal and balanced formula during bird challenge with AI-NOV-IB- ILT

·         as well infectious coryza, Mycoplasma and E. coli

·         Stimulate the respiratory system for expelling viscous secretions.

·         Increase serous type of secretions to reduce the viscosity and help in its expelling out of the bird.

·         Stimulate up-ward cilliary movement with a cilio-protective action and preventing de-ciliation process

·         Relieving effect of respiratory air ways to reduce sensation of irritation, nasal congestion and inflammation

·         Respiratory antiseptic with a long lasting protective effect.

·         Decreases all respiratory signs from cough, sneezing and mucous

·         membrane congestion.

·         With an anti-bacterial effect against some type of micro-organisms like Staphylococcus and Mycoplasma

·         Immunostimulant effect supporting the bird during bacterial and viral challenge

·         Safe for all productive stages and ages and compatible with all pharmaceuticals and feed additives

Dosage: Poultry: 1 ml / 2 liters of drinking water.

Package: 1 liter

Expiry : 2 years from production date .

Storage: keep in cool place, a way from direct light and heat.